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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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down to the final 3:43. cameron walker left open. rosco allen snagging the rebound and cleans it up. allen, senior, their leading scorer, 16 points to lead stanford. >> spero: this is rosco allen. left open. back of the rim. no. cruz battles allen for the
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>> spero: let's get you the capital one cup impact performance. gabe york. 32 points. most by a wildcat this season. ties a school record with nine threes. >> doug: why not? he's earned it. nine threes on foenl 14 attempts. gabe york has carried the wildcats and they survived cal -- i still think cal along with oregon are the two most viable ncaa tournament teams to go along with arizona but cal has potentially three first-round draft picks, could not close out the cats the other night because of gabe york's three late three-point shots, an 11-0 run to end the game, for cal a team very dangerous in tournament play because they have so many different options to score, defensively. >> spero: if the wildcats
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they'll be all anyone can handle in the postseason. three-pointer, everyone getting in on the act. for arizona. that's justin simon with the corner three. final 2:25 left. tough finish for stanford. they will end their regular season 15-14 and just 8-10 in conference play. dorian pickens has not been his usual self this afternoon. pickens, this afternoon, just two of 10 from the field. >> doug: really, really struggled to create his own shot against this stingy arizona defense. >> spero: hazzard, make it three threes. >> doug: what a day for jacob hazzard -- his uncle, rasheed, i
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with, an assistant with the knicks. >> spero: also spent time with the los angeles lakers. >> doug: of course. >> spero: their staff. the back of the rim, outside another look at an open three. malcolm allen. that sums up the afternoon for stanford. their offense has not been there for them. there comes walker setting the table for sharma. impressive finish and contact. it's on comanche. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" followed by hours." tonight, only cbs. half. that's a record in a half in the history of this program and you are talking about some illustrious three-point shooters place. >> doug: one of the great players to play in this place, my good friend miles simon, m.o.p. of the national
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national championship -- but if you look, his number is not retired. in order to retire somebody's number at arizona you have to be a player of the year. >> spero: high standards. >> doug: yeah, except jason gardner's number is retired because he was the six foot and under player of the year. steve kerr, got an emotional award but sean elliott was the player of the year that year. i'm going to make the ply to do the right thing. >> spero: is that it? >> doug: damon stoudamire's number should be retired at arizona. steve kerr's should too -- donated $1 million, not why his number is hanging up in the rafters, they went to a final four in kansas city. damon stoudamire's number should hang up in the rafters, mighty mouse, and miles simon, the m.o.p. of arizona's only national championship. >> spero: so many great players, an endless list.
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budinger, derrick williams, andre iguodala, gordon, there has been talent in the desert and if you spend time on campus you understand why kids want to come here, if you spend time at mckale center you understand why they want to come here. >> spero: no doubt sean miller has restored the luster to the program after a couple of down years, the way that the lute olson era ended, again, winningest program in the country since the beginning of 2013. as they ready themselves for what they hope will be another deep postseason run. >> doug: and you know for stanford -- stanford is an incredibly proud program in their own right. mike montgomery has won more pac-10 titles than anyone outside of john wooden and johnny dawkins because of injuries caught a cold stretch and they've struggled to regain a foothold in the pac-12. >> you mentioned the fact that rolsco allen could well come back depending on the situation
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go from here? >> doug: they need all their personnel back next year. without their point guard. without their best rebounder. both out for the season. cardinal got to go to vegas and figure out how to stay above .500 so they can qualify for the n.i.t. >> spero: an emotional senior day in tucson ends with a wildcats. sean miller, johnny dawkins exchanging pleasantries at courtside as arizona will get a first-round bye in the pac-12 conference tournament. now for doug gottlieb, spero dedes saying so long from tucson. tonight on cbs is "ncis: los angeles" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours." this has been a prejudices r presentation of cbs sportsz. we send you to greg -- seeks sports. we send you to greg gumbel in
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>> greg: tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles" followed by back-to-back editions of "48 hours" tonight only cbs. welcome "the road to the final four" greg gumbel, clark kellogg, seth davis, let's get you caught up on what's happening in the missouri valley conference, semifinal, first game tonight, northern iowa, wichita state. >> clark: the only three wichita state made in regulation. fred vanvleet. trying to get a shot at the end of the horn. doesn't go. we go to extra basketball and the panthers -- this was the shot of the game. gave them the breathing room they needed. jerry morgan splashing the three. wes washpun who was outstanding all game long seals it and the panthers play for the championship tomorrow. >> seth: a long eight days for gregg marshall and his team. they do not have an at-large resume'. they have one win against a team
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r.p.i. we've got bubble teams with three and four wins over the top 50, you say three of their losses were without fred vanvleet but five losses including today were with fred vanvleet and i think as we get closer to selection sunday, clark, they're going to be running out of real estate, i don't think wichita state goes to the tournament. >> clark: there is not a runway long enough i think for wichita state to make it as an at-large at this point in time, i agree with seth, a difficult decision but one that will leave them out. >> greg: the missouri valley conference, northern iowa qualifies to play for the championship against the winner of indiana state and evansville. let's show you what comes your way here on cbs tomorrow. number 24 s.m.u. will pay a visit to cincinnati at noon eastern time. missouri valley conference championship game at 2:00. then 14th-ranked maryland, 12th ranked indiana, 4:30 eastern time. cbs tomorrow. we thank you for joining us.
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[ applause ] the what?!
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swcho tt.swcho os live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news at 6. right now a developing story on long island. a father and daughter saved in a small plane crash. plus, tragedy had in westchester county. the death of a nun. and will they strike? new jersey transit workers. i am cindy hsu. a labor feud on new jersey transit heats up with the clock ticking down on a possible strike. today hundreds of workers rallied for a new contract. cbs2's steve langford reports on their calls for change. >> contract now! >> reporter: after five years out a contract or raise, new jersey transit railroad workers appear to have had enough. >> march 13.
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this park across from the woodbridge train station saturday as their strike deadline looms. just eight days away. >> if we go on strike, it will be financial devastation to this area. >> reporter: without train service more than 100,000 new jerseyans will have to scramble to try to find another way to work every weekday. >> we will not be able to provide the level of service or the capacity that our rail service currently provides to our customers. >> five years is too long! paycheck. >> reporter: there is a highly charged political backdrop to the showdown with a governor who ended his bid for president and now campaigns for donald trump. >> it's amazing that he continues to refuse to do the work that ordinary new jerseyans expect him to do. >> reporter: they met with the
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friday. they are scheduled to negotiate again here in new jersey on monday. >> it will be horrible. how else are people going to commute? >> reporter: public sympathies towards a strike divided. >> if they feel this is necessary, unfortunately, maybe it is. >> new jersey transit should do the right thing. >> reporter: the strike train may be about to leave the station. in woodbridge, new jersey, steve langford, cbs2 news. >> we reached out to governor christie's office today but have not heard back. a developing story on long island. a small plane crash in hauppage. a pilot and his teenage daughter were on their way back from visiting the university of rhode island. the plane's engine cut out so they had to parachute to safety. the plane hit the ground in an industrial park. the daughter was not hurt. the father has some scratches on his forehead but is otherwise okay. new at six, sadness in westchester county after the death of a nun. the long-time schoolteacher died
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cbs2's brian coneybeare is live outside mckinney catholic high school. >> reporter: cindy, the students, faculty, and parents here at kennedy catholic are in mourning tonight. this is where sister barbara heil taught for nearly 50 years. people are now placing flowers here near the entrance of the school in her honor as word of the tragic crash spread today. sister barbara, as she was known to everyone, started the day at kennedy catholic in the 1960s teaching math and latin and taking an active role in school musicals and other activities. she was in a honda when it was a head-on crash. another nun, 83-year-old sister marie murphy, was seriously injured and everyone at the school is stunned by what happened. >> it's a tragedy that she is gone from this school. she's well loved, well liked.
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i understood she might be going back to the mother house. they were calling her back. she was going to retire. i know she would not have wanted to do that. she would still be here. so it's awful. >> reporter: a very sad day herein deed. state police say the driver of the other car involved in that accident, 48-year-old christina daggen of cortlandt manor, somehow crossed the center line on route 6 and hit the nun's vehicle head on. a prayer vigil was held in sister barbara's honor today at the campus and funeral services are set for this coming thursday. brian coneybeare, cbs2 news. >> thank you. in campaign 2016 news, super saturday is in full swing. five states are holding presidential contests. kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine, and nebraska. the results will help answer two key questions. have attacks on donald trump
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become unstoppable. cbs2's craig boswell has more from washington. >> reporter: cbs news projects ted cruz has won the kansas republican caucuses. earlier today people booed donald trump as he walked out of a caucus site in wichita. the businessman canceled the trip to the conservative convention known as cpac. here. i love you all. give us a good result. i guarantee you, it will one of the greatest votes you will ever make. >> reporter: the reception at the same wichita caucus site was warmer for the texas senator. >> we have been able to win over and over again from the grassroots. this process doesn't need to be mean. it doesn't need to be nasty. it doesn't need to be filled with personal instults. >> reporter: cruz and trump are ahead in the delegate race with 165 more up for grabs today. democrats are voting in three states. louisiana, kansas and nebraska. bernie sanders and hillary
6:23 pm
on michigan, which holds its primary tuesday. >> hillary clinton supported as a nafta, supported almost all of these disastrous trade agreements. >> reporter: clinton is expected to win louisiana and nebraska tonight, bringing her closer to the democratic nomination. craig boswell, cbs2 news. we could see some snow overnight. elise finch has the forecast coming up next. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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learn more at
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elise finch with the forecast. >> oh, cindy, today was a nice day. a little on the chilly side. i spent a good portion of my day indoors. i was fortunate enough to emcee jackie robinson foundation keynote lunch and alumni induction ceremony. sheila johnson, billionaire business woman, that is jackie robinson's daughter. these are the hundreds of scholars who receive a four- year scholarships from jackie robinson foundation. a wonderful afternoon. thank you for letting me be a part of it. we are talking temperatures on the chilly side today. photos of our numbers upper 30s right now and a few low 30s in there.
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40-degree mark. eva says 39 where she is. cove. he says it's 34 where he is but feels like 28. a live look outside, see what we're dealing with. the empire state building. 38 degrees. winds out of the east at 6 miles an hour miles an hour. take a look at your ammann ac. 41 degrees was the high temperature today. put us five degrees below where we should be. 46 is the normal. we did not get there today. we are going to see a warm-up. not so much tomorrow a big warm-up, but into the work week. your vortex satellite and radar showing the cloud cover. a few flurries as well. you can see more of that wet weather off to the west pushing out of ohio into pennsylvania. for us in addition to the clouds tonight we could see a few snowflakes out there. that's tonight. same for tomorrow as we start the day. but then we are expecting a sunny finish to the day. a nice finish to the weekend. and then things warm up pretty
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we got this nice southerly flow. for tonight cold and cloudy. a few flurries. don't are surprised. 20s in the suburbs. tomorrow we could see some early flakes. looking for a high temperature of 45 degrees. and then, cindy, take a look at this. from 45 on sunday to 56 on moon and we will be flirt being 70-degree temps by the middle of the week. all right. that does it for the cbs2 news at six. for the entire cbs2 news team, thanks for joining us. we are back tonight at 11.
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>> axelrod: campaign 2016. five states with dozens of races tighten? s.a.t. to the test. essay optional. and those arcane vocabulary words erased. >> and jack montague knocks down-- >> axelrod: yale university's basketball team in turmoil in the middle of their best season in half a century, their captain is now off the team and out of school with no official explanation. and a once-in-a-decade superbloom as california's death valley teeming with life. >> it's amazing to me that anything lives here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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